This is a campaign for me and my girlfriend as she learns how to play the game, and I become reacquainted with it.

It’s based on the classic Dungeons & Dragons rules published in the 1980s and 90s with the five box sets, four of which were complied into the Dungeons & Dragons Cyclopedia.

This is mostly because I’d played that system extensively as a kid, and wanted to jump into gaming right away. It’s not a comment on the third and fourth editions. I’m sure they’re great.

The campaign is based on the Known World from the classic D&D with some changes or embellishments as I see fit.

The adventures, so far, have been user-created modules from the excellent Dragonsfoot website. I have no affiliation with the creators of that site. I just found it while surfing the web one night.

Some of the descriptions are lifted directly from the Cyclopedia. That stuff belongs to its owners. More original material may come shortly.


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